Can everyone eat Betaglucare?

Betaglucare is completely natural and is classified as food.

Betaglucare is produced to be able to take part in the treatment of high cholesterol and/or blood sugar/diabetes mellitus and to be recommended by health care professionals all around the world. In Sweden Betaglucare is sold in every pharmacy and health store and is also widely recommended by dieticians, nurses and doctors, as a part of every patients self–care.

Please inform your local General Practitioner if you are using Betaglucare as a diet treatment for high cholesterol or diabetes. Betaglucare has no known interaction with pharmaceuticals or any other side effects. Betaglucare contains gluten.


If Betaglucare is a part of your treatment then it is important that you follow the therapy in which you and your advisor (doctor, nurse, dietician) are in agreement. Always contact them if you want to change your treatment.