How does Betaglucare differ from other products?

Betaglucare consists of a unique gel-forming fibre called betaglucan, which is the result of Swedish research to determine health effects from oat. Betaglucan is studied more scientifically than any other oat beta-glucan, with 34 published studies in different areas; like cardiovascular health, cholesterol, blood sugar, obesity, diabetes, gut health and prebiotics.

Betaglucan is found to create, for several different reasons, a much more effective gel in the stomach / intestine, which determines the good effect on cholesterol as well as blood sugar. The effect is directly dependent on beta-glucan size (quality) as well as how much of the beta-glucans that is forming gel (solubility). Betaglucan is unique on the market regarding both quality and solubility.9

Beta-glucans are included in several Programs of Action within the Health Care Sector in Sweden, specifically in the treatment of raised cholesterol levels, as well as in the lowering of blood sugar. 10