Why is Betaglucare Effective?

The three reasons confirming how Betaglucare can give the positive health effects we are striving for; are right amount, right quality and high solubility. With a right combination of these three components, you get a good gelformation in your stomach and intestinals. A good gelformation means good effect!


The recommended daily dose of beta-glucans are 3 grams/day. Exactly this amount is in one portion of Betaglucare (1 dl of crispy hearts or a packet of powder/14g)


The oat beta-glucans in Betaglucare have a high molecular weight, over 2200 kDa. A high molecular weight is vital for getting good gelformation – which gives a good effect on cholesterol and blood sugar.


High solubility means that a high amount of beta-glucans can form gel, which is necessary for a good effect on cholesterol and blood sugar. Betaglucare have a solubility of more than 70%, due to a unique process. Oat porridge have a solubility of 30-40%, which means that a less amount of beta-glucans in oat porridge becomes gel.)