“The doctors were surprised”

Erik’s cholesterol level dropped more than he had expected.

It was time for his annual health check. Erik was rather curious as to what his cholesterol level would be this time. Previously it had been far too high and despite doing more exercise, eating healthier as well as taking medication, his cholesterol level was still rather high.

Four months ago he started with a new, daily morning routine. A dose of Betaglucare on his breakfast cereal with a few frozen berries instead of his usual sandwich and coffee he had eaten everyday all his life. Additionally something else also changed automatically. He felt he did not have the need for his morning sandwich and coffee.

- He skipped his morning sandwich and coffee at work at about 10 each morning and even a piece of cake or bun that was served several times a week in the afternoons.

- The most obvious fact after I began taking Betaglucare was that I didn’t get as hungry anymore. It says in the advertisement that you feel full-up much longer, which in my case is true.

Now Erik was at the doctors. The doctor looked very surprised. Erik’s cholesterol level had dropped dramatically.

- He asked me what had happened. I told him about my new daily routine of taking Betaglucare and how my stomach was a lot better as well. Then something funny happened. The doctor Googled Betaglucare. After reading through a couple of pages he nodded and said he now understood my positive changes.

The visit to the doctors resulted in Erik getting a lower dose of medication for his cholesterol and the doctor encouraging him to continue his positive change of routine.

- I thought about doing that anyway. My wife says I’m in a positive spiral. Thanks to eating less and the lower demand of sweet food I’ve now lost a couple of kilos. I’m lively and initiate long walks.