A better effect than in the advertisement

Anders’ blood sugar level was far too high. It was not good for him so his nurse recommended him to change his eating habits and exercise more.

- It felt like hard work. Having both high sugar levels and a need to change my life style.

But Anders decided to give it a go. He was given advice on eating habits which included a daily dose of Betaglucare and challenged to increase his daily exercise.

- It went surprising easy to make these changes. This was thanks to the fact that I noticed directly after my meals how my blood sugar was more balanced thanks to Betaglucare.

Anders started walking more and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

- Oh it was such hard work in the beginning. Even my fitness improved remarkably fast. So now I take the stairs at work without getting out of breath.

Anders eats Betaglucare at breakfast and puts it on his yogurt and muesli. Exactly like many others, he talks about his feeling of fullness which without any problem reduces his snacking.

- I’ve understood I’m like most people who eat Betaglucare as my stomach’s better and I’ve lost a few kilos.

When Anders sent in his comments he finished with the words “Betaglucare has effect!”. He still claims this. The same goes for his nurse who advises him about his diabetes. She is pleased with Anders and his lower sugar count thanks to his new good habits.