Many people like Betaglucare

Everyday we receive a mail, a telephone call or a letter from someone taking Betaglucare.

It’s nearly always ‘miracle stories’, in other words people who have achieved excellent health status after eating Betaglucare. Since I started I can only in fact remember receiving one ’letter of complaint.’ Oh dear how angry he was! Nearly everything was wrong, not least of all the science and research which Betaglucare states to help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, compared to supplements and “healthy food”.

One thing which nearly everyone points out, apart from their lowered cholesterol and sugar levels, is that their stomach is functioning better and they have lost a few extra kilos. Another fun thing is that they have also increased their daily exercise and have come in a positive spiral. This is nothing that can be proven in medical studies, so we just have to accept it. In any case we are delighted to hear all your comments.

Here we would like to let Erik and Anders briefly tell us about their results after they started eating Betaglucare. It could just as well have been Kate, Karin, Bo, Elisabeth, Marcus, Kim, Sonya ........who had told us about their experiences. Or maybe even you? Please, by all means let me about your story by mailing me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Fredrik Hörtewall
Marketing Manager
Prorsum Heathcare AB