What do dieticians say?

Many of us want to eat sensibly and avoid foods that will contribute to an unhealthy future. Today we eat twice as many “empty calories” in the form of carbonated drinks, confectionary, ice cream, snacks and many other foods which we do not actually need.
It can be difficult to find a menu (or eating habit) which is healthy, good and at a reasonable price.

What can I do to become healthier? It is usually difficult to change your eating habits even if you really want to. We asked several dieticians for their advice.

Kicki Tengblad at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenberg, Sweden:
- You simply apply Betaglucare to your usual regular breakfast. The first step is not necessarily to change your diet but to add to it. So you try to increase the amount of fruit and greens in your diet. I believe we can nearly all reduce our snack intake. This is in fact where Betaglucare can really help, as our desire for snacks is decreased due to the fact that our desire for sweet foods is reduced.

Ulrika Bentzer works at Nyköpings Hospital, Sweden:
- Betaglucare gives three advantages which most of my patients would benefit from. These are; lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and a prolonged feeling of satisfaction. The latter mentioned usual leads to a loss of some ‘comfortable kilos’.

Both dieticians think that the advice given on the Swedish National Food Administration homepage (Livsmedelsverkets) is good. They have put together five simple pieces of advice which will surely help you to get started to make your positive change:

  1. Eat more fruit and vegetables, preferably at least 500 grams per day. This is equivalent to, for example three fruits and a hearty handful of vegetables.
  2. Choose primarily wholegrain when you eat bread, breakfast cereal, porridge, pasta and rice.
  3. Eat organically grown food.
  4. Eat fish frequently, at least three times a week.
  5. By all means use liquid margarine or oil when cooking.

Don’t forget that the body and brain work better and it is easier to eat the right amount if you eat regularly - breakfast, lunch, dinner (and snack).