My Best Breakfast Tips - Congratulations to All the Winners

My Best Breakfast Tips - Congratulations to All the Winners

"I take Betaglucare with unsweetened müsli, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and nuts on my yogurt."
Marianne Thulin

"Take Betaglucare with linseed and prunes and organic yogurt. It feels good for your stomach."
Ulf Eriksson

"Cinnamon, milk and Betaglucare. A ‘necessary’ morning meal for us in the Silfverberg family."
Sonja Silfverberg

"Frozen berries and wild strawberry together with bananas and a slice of kiwi on healthy yogurt. On top of all that obviously a dl of Betaglucare."
Charlotta Gustafsson

"Besides the wonderful breakfast with Betaglucare and healthy yogurt, I usually enjoy my evening ‘sweeties’ of sliced mango, cottage cheese and Betaglucare as a topping. REALLY DELICIOUS!”
Lisbeth Långström

"When I feel like eating sweets instead I eat 1,5 dl vanilla flavoured yogurt plus Betaglucare and abracadabra I’ve satisfied my sweet-tooth and helped lower my high blood lipids"
Erna Skogersson

"My breakfast and lunch tips are a smoothie!  
I take a banana, 1 teaspoonful crushed linseed, a 14 gram bag of Betaglucare powder and 2,5 dl skimmed milk
Mix it with a whisk. Delicious and filling. The variations are endless. You can add which ever fruit you prefer, pineapple, kiwi, apple....."
Marika Tiren